Tuesday, 29 October 2013

New Freebie Kit 'Steamed Up' for CraftArtist 1/2

                    STEAMED UPDOWNLOAD

Its been a while since i created and uploaded a freebie, nearly a year now so here's a little bit of Steampunk to mix with your Halloween Goth. I think the 2 styles work well together and Steampunk always looks good on guy cards and pages.

It downloads as a Pack file for Serif CraftArtist 1/2. Once downloaded just place the file in 'My Digikit' folder in documents and the kit will show up in your Digikit browser in CraftArtist. The kit comes with 2 style effects which will only show up in CraftArtist 2 and the My Digikit category in Styles. There is a template with the 2 effects and instructions for people only using CraftArtist.

This kit is NOT compatible with DSA2!!

Sara :)


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely kit Sara, I always love your kits and have just downloaded this and had a quick look - and it looks brilliant! - Steampunk being one of my favourite things,...I LOVE IT ....thank you.. Gill x

  2. Thank you, I have just discovered CraftArtist and have been looking for content. :) x